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10 Things That Are Fun With Children In Spring

10 Things That Are Especially Fun With Children In Spring

Hi friends, In today articles i am going to share beautiful 10 Things That Are Fun With Children In Spring

There are many type of activities which you do with your friends, family and other as we discussed in the previous article. But what is best for the children?

10 things that are fun with children in spring:

Here is the top 10 things you should do!

  1. Plant Herb Garden
  2. Pure Nature
  3. Plants Rally
  4. Homemade Raspberry Ice Cream
  5. Stamp Fruits
  6. Blossom Ice
  7. Bicycle Tour With Children
  8. In The Time Machine
  9. A Little Hello
  10. Go To The Anthill

Let’s dive into the broad information! 10 things that are fun with children in spring

Plant Herb Garden

How it smells! Rosemary, marjoram, mint, basil, sage … Even if you don’t have a balcony, you can create a small herb garden on the kitchen window sill . Either buy seed bags yourself, sow them and watch them grow. Or you can also buy “mature” herbs. They are now available in every supermarket. A fragrance rate is exciting. To do this, blindfold, pluck a leaf from the herbs and let guess which plant is hidden behind the smell.

Pure Nature

You can see how everything grows and sprouts in the next few weeks. A visit to a botanical garden is exciting right now. When walking, you can identify and get to know trees, shrubs and flowers. There are also exotic plants to admire in the various greenhouses. In the botanical garden in Munich there is a special children’s program with guided tours and subsequent handicrafts with plants . In Stuttgart, Wilhelma even has both: botanical garden and zoo.

Plants Rally

If you don’t have a botanical garden nearby, just make a plant rally. Together with mom or dad, various trees, shrubs and wildflowers are searched for from a non-fiction book or from the Internet and then printed or copied. Every child receives the small dossier. On the next excursion in the forest and meadow, everyone goes in search of the plants. Whoever discovers the most wins.

Homemade Raspberry Ice Cream

It’s finally ice age again! You need 250 grams of frozen raspberries, a mug of cream (200 grams), about 3 tablespoons of sugar. Put everything in a mixing bowl and let it rest for a few minutes. Then puree the mass with a mixer or (even better) a blender. Spread over four dessert glasses, done!

Stamp Fruits

You know that with potatoes. But fruits also make beautiful patterns. Dip the halved apples, lemons or even a slice of zucchini in color and then print the whole thing on paper. If you have no fruit at home, you can also take leaves.

Blossom Ice

This is a great decoration for all drinks and it is very easy. Edible flowers such as daisy heads, borage flowers or rose petals are washed thoroughly. Place the flowers in an ice cube container and fill the individual compartments halfway with water. The best is sparkling water, because then the ice cubes stay nice and clear. Place the whole thing in the freezer for a few hours until it is frozen to a certain extent. Then fill the container to the brim with mineral water and let it freeze again.

Bicycle Tour With Children

Especially in spring, the weather is perfect for a bike ride. And the best thing is for the whole family to start together. If a longer bike tour is planned, the picnic basket comes on the luggage rack. The closer and further surroundings can be explored much better by bike and where there are particularly exciting play possibilities, a short break is simply taken.

In The Time Machine

Wouldn’t it be nice to travel to the future sometimes? Not possible, but you can create your own time capsule. Family photos, memorabilia, small toys, letters etc. are placed in a tightly closable container. Every family member can give something that is important to them. The whole thing then comes in a box with the exact opening date. This is determined by the family council. The box is kept in a safe place (storage, basement) – and then opened at the right time.

A Little Hello

Especially in times of WhatsApp and email, we look forward to “real” mail. Why not make cards and then send them to all the lovely people you can think of. White or colored cardboard can be painted, glued or stamped. Pressed flower blossoms are also beautiful, they are glued on and then covered with transparent film so that they do not fall off.

Go To The Anthill

But please keep your distance! Why? You can show your children this with the following little test. If you put a handkerchief on the anthill, it will be considered an enemy and immediately attacked and sprayed with formic acid. The formic acid in the amounts involved is harmless, but skin contact could still be uncomfortable. Smell the handkerchief and feel with your finger, but it can be burned without hesitation. Alternatively, it is enough to carefully (!!) approach the anthill with a long stick.

So this was our brief guide and great tips about fun with children. Have any question? Please type it in the comment box below our team will reply to your query within 24 hours.

Have a nice day!

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