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11 Great Spring Activities For You, Your Friends And Family

1. A long walk in the park

As soon as the first rays of sun reach us after a long, cold winter, we should take the chance and fully enjoy it. Nothing is better than a long, long and relaxing walk in the park, in the forest or on a lake.

2. Eat the first ice cream

Delicious ice cream is simply part of spring, so you should stroll to your favorite ice cream parlor at the beginning of spring and treat yourself to a large ice cream.

Our favorite varieties this spring: hazelnut, chocolate mint and lemon sorbet! By the way: there is nothing to prevent you from preparing your favorite ice cream yourself! There are many different recipes on the net that you can use to easily conjure up your own desired ice cream!

3. A visit to the beer garden with the family

If the friends don’t have time, just suggest your parents to go to the beer garden together.

There you can sit on the beer bench in a relaxed and comfortable way, in the middle of the green and then enjoy the first warm sun rays.

You can also treat yourself to a scoop of ice cream there or a fresh and homemade iced tea.

4. The first bike tour with friends

As soon as spring is coming, the first people get on their bikes to go on a larger bike tour in a group. A bike tour is not only fun, it also brings an incredible amount of movement. So grab your friends, rent bicycles and plan an exciting and varied route that you can easily ride.

Important: remember to equip yourself accordingly. That means, Have enough water, provisions and a first aid kit with you!

5. Or a round of inline skating

If you prefer to avoid getting on your bike, but still want to do some sport, you should definitely try inline skating. As a child, you have probably done this one time or another, but believe us, it is still a lot of fun – especially when the weather is good and with good friends who enjoy it just as much.

6. Spice up the balcony and garden

Do you have a balcony at home or even a small garden? Then equip yourself with garden tools and get started. Inquire about flowers and herbs and plant them. You can find out how best to do this on the net or by calling your favorite grandma. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can also do something else on the balcony by simply tidying up, cleaning and embellishing.

7. The first big trip

Have you always wanted to go on a longer and longer trip with your friends or family? Then just suggest it to them! For example, you can go to a large zoo together, go to a farm or to an amusement park! Important: Inform yourself beforehand about admission prices, opening times and how to get there.

8. A cozy picnic in the meadow

If you don’t want to get that far, you can make yourself comfortable in the nearby park on a meadow. Pack a blanket, fruit, nibble something, have a drink or whatever you and your friends like and have a fun picnic together. If you’re smart, think of a badminton set, soccer ball, or frisbee to move a little after feasting.

9. Or would you prefer a small boat tour?

In many parks there are small lakes and ponds that can be used with small row boats or paddle boats. If you have had enough of a picnic, go to such a boat station and ask. A small boat tour in the middle of the green on a lake full of water lilies and ducks is guaranteed to be fun!

10. Finally grill again!

One of the most popular spring activities is definitely barbecuing in the garden or in the park with friends or family. Because barbecuing is simply a part of it in the spring and summer season, is fun and damn tasty – by the way, also for vegetarians, because zucchini, aubergine and tofu can also be placed on the grill. Important: Leftover garbage must be disposed of in any case!

11. Whoever doesn’t like all of these spring activities,

… He should just sit on the balcony with the latest frappuccino with extra whipped cream and his favorite book and enjoy spring to the fullest!

We hope that we could inspire you and above all motivate you with our spring activities. We definitely hope you enjoy planning and trying it out. If you have any more creative ideas for spring activities, feel free to drop us a line in the comments section below this blog entry.


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